What is Impoqo?

Impoqo tailor made, smart and personalized eCommerce solution empowers clients in retail and telco industries in order to provide intuitive, engaging and enjoyable shopping experience. Depending on our clients' strategies and preferences, Impoqo can be implemented as SaaS or on-premises.


tailor made


feature rich


Impoqo strengths

  • cognitive

    affiliation tool

  • social proof

  • omnichannel

    predictive tool

  • personalized

  • marketing automation

  • loyalty management

  • cognitive

  • omnichannel

  • marketing automation

  • social proof

  • personalized

  • affiliation tool

  • predictive tool

  • loyalty management


Impoqo experience

Carefully built eCommerce experience increases customers’ satisfaction, builds their trust and devotion and increases our clients’ sales.

For Impoqo, personalisation is individualization-the ability to deliver real-time, relevant, contextual, digital experiences in each customer’s moment of need.

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Impoqo predictive tools

Impoqo provides deep predictive insights to better understand customers and maximize customer lifetime value. Power of Impoqo predictive tools can be used as a competitive advantage and as a secret asset for better decision making.

Understanding what your customers want before they do becomes crucial in eCommerce arena.

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predictive tools
predictive analytics


single view of your customer
across all channels (360)

optimize logistics
and supply chain

operating costs

generate desired
customer engagement

grow your

Impoqo benefits

Impoqo ensures increased revenue with new technologies applied for intense customer attraction and engagement. Customer satisfaction is raised through additional information and experience excellence, which all increases loyalty and retention as the main target.

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Innovative players in eCommerce world trust Impoqo to deliver best online shopping experience.
The list of successful customers is growing day by day.

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